Music For Little Hands


Registration begins March 15th for current students and April 1st for new students.
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Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8 students per class

| Infants | Toddlers | Pre-school age | Mixed ages |

All programs meet for 5 classes. There are no make-up classes or credits available
for missed classes.Tuition and registration fee is non-refundable except in the case of
a program cancelled by Music for Little Hands. There is a $20 registration fee for
new families only. All fees include home materials.

newborn – 18 months
with parent or caregiver


Peek-A-Boo! I Love You
More than just a curious story, Mother Goose games like peek-a-boo help your baby understand language. So in this special camp, uncover more ways to say “I love you” using American Sign Language, soap bubbles, and parent-baby dances. Plus, you can meet with other newborns and families in the community and learn how music improves the child development process. Home Materials include: Book, CD, Duck Wash Mitt, Baby Duck Gertie Ball, and Poster.

Zoo Train!
Your toddler and the train make a natural match—always on the move. Tag along this summer with a traveling zoo train. Bring your own stuffed animals for the petting zoo. Wear long white socks on your hands for polar bear paws and learn about real animals in the zoo. Sing songs for clapping time, and use music to help your toddler regulate emotions. Home Materials include: Book, CD, Shaker Animal, and Poster.

Confetti Days
Throw a new party every day. Ride a carousel inside the classroom. Play a balancing game and walk on the web of ropes. Be a clown. Ride your bike all around town. Do colorful, creative crafts with mom or dad. Learn colors and sing the Spanish song “De Colores,” sing “Pop Goes the Weasel,” and “Looby Loo.” Home Materials include: CD, pair of Confetti Bells, and story kit.